Police Chase Off Bear Eating Cake In Homeowner's Kitchen

Police Chase Off Bear Eating Cake In Homeowner's Kitchen

This is the wildest version of Goldilocks and The Three Bears, except for this time, it isn’t just a fairytale; it truly is real life. 

It involves a bear, some cake, a couple of police officers, and a few scared homeowners. The Police chase off a bear eating cake in the homeowner's kitchen. 

A video recently made its way onto the internet after a bizarre situation happened. The homeowners had just come home to what they thought was an empty house when they were shocked to witness a real black bear standing in the middle of their kitchen. 

The mother and son did the only thing they could think to do. They raced upstairs and called the police. Now, this is where it gets really interesting. The police arrive on the scene and begin to make noise in an effort to scare the bear out of the house. 

As the officers round the corner, the bear is seen having a lovely time having cake. Not only that, but he managed to open the fridge and make himself at home. He rummaged out quite a few items. 

The bear was then startled by the officer’s presence, but he didn’t exactly want to leave without all the sugary goodness of cake. But the officers insisted he wasn’t welcome and he was being evicted from making himself at home in a human’s house. 

The bear then dashed to the backyard but not before taking one last look back into the kitchen. The officer then yells at him to leave, “Get out of here, bear!” That’s all the nudging this bear needed to climb over the fence, no doubt with frosting still on his lips. 

Thank God no one in this story was hurt, nor did anyone’s porridge get cold. I do have one question though, what kind of cake was it? I guess we will never know what this poor bear fancies as his favorite.

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