2 Sisters Sing Gospel Song 'Never Alone' During Blind Auditions

2 Sisters Sing Gospel Song 'Never Alone' During Blind Auditions

A pair of judges almost go to the mat over two sisters who sing the gospel song “Never Alone” during blind auditions on “The Voice.”

Seriously, there is no actual fighting; that wouldn’t be the way to win over these talented, adorable church-singing sisters. However, there is a little sass in the air as two vie for the opportunity to coach Macie and Marie, 15 and 14, respectively.

Modestly dressed, Macie wears blue and Marie wears pink. They have a youthful energy and look, but they’ve got a couple of big, grown-up voices. Here’s the thing, though. Initially, none of the judges know they are listening to two girls. Ariana gets props because she is the first to suggest that they are two. And, although she’s also the first to sorta sit up and take notice with an “ooh,” she didn’t turn around, which seems to be something she regrets later on.

The girls start slowly, singing one at a time. In short order, they are delivering long, strong notes that have Kelly and John turning around almost together. Dad, who is backstage with Host Carson Daly, is as much fun to watch as are his precious daughters. He punches the air several times in celebration and resumes dancing. Dad is wearing a cross necklace, and his arms are outstretched wide; he is experiencing pure joy! Macie and Marie now join hands and voices, and they, too, are clearly spirit-filled!

Though Kelly appeared a bit taken aback by the sight of two talents on stage when she faced forward, she is ready to make her case by the time the song ends. After initial introductions and a welcome from a remorseful Ariana, John and Kelly take their turns. John is from Ohio, as are the Cunninghams. And, by the way, we’ve now got a quick glimpse of the loving, smiling family at home—Mom and four siblings. John started singing in church just as Macie and Marie did. And, John doesn’t even have a duo or trio yet on his team!

Kelly shares that her mother is from Ohio and she, herself, sang in church. And, the group she already has is nothing like The Cunningham Sisters. The girls seem to have more in common with John. But, Kelly is feisty. She pulls out all the stops and gives the girls her first coaching lesson with some suggestions on how she might help them “learn new stuff.”

Ariana poses the pivotal question to the girls. Who will it be? Carson asks Dad if it will be John, but Dad isn’t sure. And, sure enough… Macie and Marie choose Kelly! Kelly, who has just taken a drink, throws herself back in her chair in surprise. She quickly composes herself and meets her new team members on stage. She is thrilled. She’s just gained a couple of angels for Team Clarkson!

“When he came near the place where the road goes down the Mount of Olives, the whole crowd of disciples began joyfully to praise God in loud voices for all the miracles they had seen:” Luke 19:37

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