Littlest 'Jeopardy!' Fan Will Melt Your Heart

Littlest 'Jeopardy!' Fan Will Melt Your Heart

“Jeopardy!” has garnered millions of fans during its long run, but Miss Stella Cocchi may very well be the show’s littlest fan, and she will melt your heart!

“Jeopardy!” isn’t the first television show that comes to mind that you would expect a toddler to enjoy. Most little guys spend TV time watching parent-selected educational options like “Arthur” or “Martha Speaks.”

A fast-paced quiz show with trivia questions fit for a brain surgeon is unlikely to keep the attention of say 99.9% of the diaper-wearing population!

Alas, this little sister seriously digs “Jeopardy!” Here, Stella calls out to a friend or family member, presumably so “Tina” won’t miss a minute of the upcoming installment. She then quickly turns forward to recite the opening of the show. Stella’s pronunciation is a little off, but she knows what she’s saying.

Stella’s beautiful, blond hair is messy; she looks like she’s just gotten up in the morning or from a nap. But, she is smiling and bright-eyed as she helps introduce Mr. Trebek. She’s watching an episode that was filmed before he died in November, 2020.

“Jeopardy!” first appeared way back in 1964 after being created by Merv Griffin. The game show, in various formats and with different hosts, aired off and on from the mid-1960’s until it began its most epic and successful run in 1984 with Host Alex Trebek. He remained at the helm until the time of his death.

Stella is getting an early start on developing her young mind! We applaud Stella’s parents for exposing their child to such worthwhile viewing. And, clearly the pragmatic, but nice host with his numerous Daytime Emmy Awards appeals to Stella—she’s got good taste!

Clad in pink pajamas, Stella is one pretty little lady. If she stays tuned in to “Jeopardy!” and shows like it, she’s gonna be one brilliant young woman! How nice that Alex Trebek’s legacy can live on and continue to inspire others!

“turning your ear to wisdom and applying your heart to understanding—” Proverbs 2:2

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