'Dreamer' Home Free And Texas Hill Performance Video

'Dreamer' Home Free And Texas Hill Performance Video

Check out this performance video of the song ‘Dreamer’ by Home Free and featuring Texas Hill. 

“What will they read on your headstone when you're gone
When your ship comes in the night, just a sinner that never saw anything but the dark
Did you finally see the light, I will die a dreamer, I won't die a man
By and by believer, that's just who I am, so bury me with roses
Boxes full of sand, I will die a dreamer, dreaming man” 

What a beautiful song with such a wonderful message! And the mix of vocals and instruments in this song sound incredible!

“’Dreamer’ is an old classic of ours, and we thought it would be fun to put a fun twist on it with our friends, Texas Hill!” writes the group Home Free in the caption of this YouTube video.

Some of the members of Home Free also commented on how much they loved collaborating with Texas Hill.

“Loved getting to sing with Texas Hill on stage and have them out on the road with us. Some great dudes making our song sound so much better. Make sure to like and share this video and follow our buddies Texas Hill,” said Rob Lundquist.

“Huge thanks to Texas Hill for taking this song to another level. Y’all, support these talented fellows!” shared Tim Foust.

Many fans of Home Free also commented online about how much they loved this rendition of their song ‘Dreamer.’

“This was such a magical moment with Texas Hill & Home Free in the Mother Church at the Ryman Auditorium,” one person wrote. “Perfection that needs to go to radio!” 

“The songs are always too short when these two awesome groups are singing together. Loved the collaboration and the harmonies were out of this world. Thanks for the great time,” comments another person.

We hope you enjoyed this music video and listening to the voices of these talented men!

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