Experts Help Us Outsmart AI And Phone Call Scams

Experts Help Us Outsmart AI And Phone Call Scams

Criminals have adapted to our ever-growing technological, internet-based world, but one woman shares how to avoid becoming a victim. 

The world is full of good, honest and loving people. However, on the other hand, individuals with evil and malicious intent also inhabit the planet. Some of these criminals have even managed to concoct elaborate schemes using the latest technology to scam people out of their hard-earned money. 

In a clip posted to YouTube, Vicky Nguyen on Today discussed the latest ways criminals are targeting people using technology to swindle people out of their money, putting their identities and, in some cases, their life savings at risk. She also provides tips on how to avoid becoming a victim of their scams.

One of the scams Vicky mentions involves using artificial intelligence technology to replicate the voice of a family member or friend. Criminals, according to Vicky, are taking bits and pieces of people’s voices that are out on social media and making entire sentences. The criminals will then call potential victims and use the technology, impersonating someone they know, to demand cash.

Vicky says the red flags with this scam are the “urgency and the ask for cash.”

“But here’s what you should do: call that person back,” Vicky said. “Make sure it really is them. You can’t even trust caller ID these days, because they can spoof a phone number and make it look like it’s coming from a number that you recognize.”

Vicky also warned against clicking on suspicious links on social media, in texts and in emails. Never click on links that you did not seek out, she adds. Those clicks could be giving criminals a way to install malware on your device, which will then be used to track and capture your personal information. 

Near the end of the segment, Vicky also talked about scams involving the IRS and how scammers prey upon people during tax season. 

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