Sermon: "The Fall of Babylon," Part 1

It is hard to comprehend the fall of great civilizations, once proud empires reduced to a shadow of their former glory. It is even harder to imagine one of the leading cities of the world reduced so significantly that no one inhabits it anymore. Yet, not only has this happened to Babylon, it was predicted by the prophet Isaiah centuries before it occured. Watch as Pastor MacLaren shows how God judges the great cultures and empires of human history, and so demonstrates his lordship over all men and nations. Jesus Christ is Lord, not only over the church, but also over the nations and great cities of the earth. This sermon was preached at First Presbyterian Church in Perkasie, PA, on July 26, 2009, as part of Pastor MacLaren's series of sermons on "Isaiah, Prophet of Salvation." To learn more about the church or to support its ministry, go to

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