The Conspiracy of Satan: Destruction of the Soul

The Conspiracy of Satan: Destruction of the Soul<br />

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Have you struggled to trust God? Do you feel persecuted? Are you confused as to how sometimes your conscience feels quite, then other times it cries with guilt? Are you longing for lasting deliverance, not just a temporary fix? Are you wondering why todays gospels focus on living a life of abundance and casting off all suffering? Is there a conspiracy here that feels like no matter how much you call out to God, love Him and do good, he seems far away and you are not obtaining His promises? <br />
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In this teaching video I will share with you from King Davids life in Psalm 7, and show you how mortal man&acirc;��s soul is under a conspiracy of attack by Satan to bring persecution, condemnation, destruction and oppression through the war of false knowledge, false inspirations and false faith. This is a strong apostolic and easy to understand teaching on what it means to trust God, how to respond productively during times of suffering, who our real enemy is, how to recognize him and what he does to the conscience of man, what to do in the face of evil and oppressions from others we know, what real spiritual deliverance is and how God has provided a powerful tool for daily deliverance called tongues. This 30 minute teaching is rich in clear and distinct direction for Christians to understand how Satan conspires against them with knowledge and by speaking to their conscience and imagination he battles with them on grounds where he is the master of war. I will show the answer in how to win this battle of the mind and the conscience by using the proper tools of spiritual warfare Jesus Christ has given through the New Covenant priesthood. Stay tuned for this powerful teaching. For a FULL AND FREE course on the New Covenant Priesthood enroll today at the Apostles Center International School of Ministry www.apostles-center.c

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