This Video was made from my own personal question within my heart, in reference to, when myself and others struggle with loneliness, sadness, grief, and the many other struggles that we ( Even As Christians ) find ourselves in from time to time. God never said it would be easy, but it would be worth it! My Question: Are the Churches failing God's people when it comes to being there when someone is in Need of Prayer? Why do they Close and Lock the Doors of the Church, is the Church not a place where one should be able to find 'Open' at any given time? I know some say it is because the fear of 'Vandalism', and I understand that this IS a concern in the days we are living, But...with the Churches having 'Committees' of various kinds, such as the 'Building Committee', 'Luncheon Committee',

'Financial Committee' , and MORE..Where is the 'Committee' that puts together 'After Hours' so the doors can stay OPEN? Anyone Else Ever Wonder About This?? No Judgement here, Just A Question. TY & GBY

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