Christian Martyrs

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Christian Martyrs

Be advised that the illustrations (not photos) used in this video are graphic.

The intent of this video is to remind Christians of our brothers and sisters who chose agony and death rather than deny our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Let us not forget also the many Christians around the world today who are currently suffering persecution for their faith in Jesus Christ. May we remember to pray for them always.

May we all in the Church today have such blessed faith.

The martyrs and means of torture and execution are depicted in the following order:

John the Baptist beheaded, AD 23

Stoning of Stephen, AD 34

Apostle James beheaded, AD 45

Stoning of apostle Philip, Hierapolis, Phrygia, AD 54

Martyrdom of apostle James the Lesser, Jerusalem, AD 63

Burning of Barnabas at Salamanca, Cyprus, AD 64

Death of Mark the evangelist, Alexandria, AD 64

Crucifixion of apostle Peter, Rome, AD 69

Apostle Paul beheaded, Rome, AD 69

Crucifixion of apostle Andrew, Patras in Achaia, ca. AD 70

Apostle Bartholomew skinned alive and beheaded, Armenia, AD 70

Apostle Thomas martyred, Calamina, AD 70

Evangelist Matthew beheaded, Naddavar, Ethiopia, AD 70

Crucifixion of Simon the Zealot, Syria, AD 70

Crucifixion of apostle Matthew, AD 70

Hanging of evangelist Luke, Greece, AD 93

Antipas roasted alive in a copper steer, AD 95

Vitalus buried alive, Ravenna, ca. AD 99

Ignatius thrown to the lions

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