A Life To Rescue by Karen Michelle Graham (3 Min Innovo Premiere)

~ A story of tears and laughter woven through with God's mercies.

The puzzling behavior of a two-year-old boy baffles his parents.

Why would a child flap his hands, not respond to his name, and

regress in his language skills? A specialist reveals the news-autism. Yet amid the heartache, the couple discovers a road to overcoming autism.

A Life to Rescue relives the wonder of this child's deliverance providing a hope available to other young children with autism.

Website: www.aLifetoRescue.com

Karen Michelle Graham is a wife and mother of two children, a 22-year-old daughter, Jennifer, and a 17-year-old son, Jeremy. Karen received a Bachelor of Arts in Business Management, worked as a computer programmer for fourteen years, and is currently a writer and speaker. She has served as a Christian school board member, been president of her local Toastmasters club, and taught

Women's Bible Study at her church.

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