The Gospel According To Gipper by Joe Hamlet

About The Book
* Is there something in your life that's taking twice as long and costing twice as much as it should?
* Have you kept asking God for help and still He has not answered your prayers?
* Are there limitations that are keeping you frustrated?
* What do you need from others when you are fearful?
* When you lose a pet, what do you want from others?
* What kind of God-legacy do you want to leave?

To a man who thought he was too busy to own a dog, God gave a high-energy golden retriever so that he might find answers to these questions as well as "gentle reminders" of what he already knew.

About The Author
For thirty years Joe has served in local churches as a minister of counseling and family ministry. He is currently ministering to pastors and missionaries as staff counselor at Fairhaven Ministries in Roan Mountain, Tennessee. Joe and his wife, Carol, live in east Tennessee, north of Knoxville

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