Give God the Glory: Your Role in Your Family

The “Give God the Glory!” series of books and devotionals continues with book #5. A companion gift book and devotional to book #4 in the series, The Godly Family Life, Your Role in Your Family offers greater detail on the Biblical significance of the family as God intended in the beginning. It was released on Father’s Day 2005. The Godly Family Life provided a detailed analysis of what the Bible teaches and instructs concerning the roles of the father, mother and children despite man’s intention to alter God’s plan for the family. While continuing in the tradition of the Give God the Glory! books and devotionals, it offers a unique focus on the biblical purpose and role of the father, mother, and child(ren).rnrnIn this gift and devotional book, Your Role in Your Family will help its readers to clearly understand that the man is the foundation of the family, the family is the foundation of the church, and the church is the foundation of our nation. We will glorify God through thefamily unit and understand our specific roles within the family structure as God intended. To this end, our Heavenly Father is glorified as we, His earthen vessels, demonstrate to the world the beauty and fulfillment of The Godly Family Life.rnrn‘Family’ is referenced 123 times in The Holy Bible. To this end, the 50-page devotional will enlighten its readers through these five chapters:rn1. The role and purpose of the Godly Familyrn2. The role and purpose of manrn3. The role and purpose of womanrn4. The role and purpose of childrenrn5. God’s plan for His family.

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