Stars Of 'Overcomer' Christian Film Talk About Godly Marriage

Stars Of 'Overcomer' Christian Film Talk About Godly Marriage

The stars of the upcoming faith-based film, Overcomer, share insights on keeping a Godly marriage.

‘Overcomer’ is the latest film to come from The Kendrick Brothers. These brothers are the talent behind the 2015 megahit, ‘War Room,’ as well as ‘Fireproof,’ ‘Courageous,’ and ‘Facing The Giants.’

Together, these brothers have made it their mission to share the Gospel through film and media. Now, they are back with another inspirational film that truly challenges us to look deeper at our own spiritual lives.

‘Overcomer’ tells the story of a high school basketball coach who is thrown a curveball when he loses most of his players after an area plant closes and families move away. Coach John Harrison is forced to take over the cross-country track team that currently has only one member.

This career crisis takes a toll on Coach John at work and at home. He starts to feel strains on his marriage.

Alex Kendrick stars as the title character, John Harrison. In an interview, he said, “Marriages take work and take forgiveness and take patience. There are no perfect marriages.” The film depicts struggles that many couples are faced with each and every day. But in these tough times, it’s so important to rely on God.

Alex said, “Ultimately, you want to end up fighting for the marriage instead of fighting each other. You can always find ammunition to throw at each other and you get nowhere when you do that. But when you fight for the marriage and you throw in love and kindness and patience and forgiveness, even if the other person doesn’t deserve it, that’s what is so powerful. That’s what our Lord did for us.” ‘Overcomer’ is set to hit theaters on August 23, 2019.