Bad Attitude Halted His Music Career, Now Jason Warrior Gets Another Chance

Bad Attitude Halted His Music Career, Now Jason Warrior Gets Another Chance

Jason Warrior is trying to get over his past, where his temper almost ended his music career. But now, this 25-year music teacher from Chicago is getting another chance at his dream.

“I have had some experiences on television singing shows before,” shares Jason during his American Idol interview. “I was on The Four. I got a no from Meghan Trainor, and I responded out of my emotions. Because I thought I knew it all, I thought I was all that and a bag of chips dipped in hot sauce. But I wasn’t even close to being there yet. And I had to have that humbling experience.”

He goes on: “So, that moment of immaturity, it almost completely destroyed my career. Doors started to close. Door after door, opportunities started to walk away.” But Jason persevered.

“My mom taught me that you got to keep going. No matter who says no,” he says. “Yeah, I made a mistake. But I learned from it. And I intend to show that I learned it.”

Before his American Idol audition, Lionel Richie gives Jason some words of advice.

“Let me tell you something,” Lionel says. “If you try to go back and scream at the past, you’ll trip over the future. So, this is your shot again looking forward.”

Jason takes his words to heart and gives it his all for his audition. And he beautifully sings ‘What's Goin' On’ by Marvin Gaye.

The judges are so into his performance, and they even get up and start to sway around while Jason is singing.

“Very few people can take a Marvin Gaye song and turn it into their song. That was phenomenal,” Lionel Richie says after Jason is done singing. “I’m going to say that that was one of the strongest vocals I have ever heard on this show. I’m very proud of you, cause it took a lot of guts to crawl back into that saddle.”

What an amazing performance! No wonder Jason got yeses from all the American Idol judges!

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