Five A Cappella Men Sing “Land Of The Free”

Five A Cappella Men Sing “Land Of The Free”

Five men sing a fantastic a capella version of “Land of The Free,” and it’s hard to imagine a song with more American themes and images than this one!

Here are a few lines from Home Free’s ultra-patriotic song:

Cost of living is on the rise, and we criticize
The ones who lead the way
Oh but far and wide there's still so much pride
And that's how it's gonna stay

Established in 2000, Home Free competed and won the fourth season of NBC’s The Sing-Off in 2013 and have continued to record and tour since then. Several band members have come and gone during their 20-year run, but we get the feeling that the group’s core values have remained consistent throughout those changes.

Home Free’s tenor, bass, baritone, and harmonizing voices merge beautifully in their toe-tapping tune that makes your chest swell with American pride. They bounce across grassy fields in a red, white, and blue Jeep, complete with a license plate and a sticker that both read “FREEDOM.”

The guys grill hotdogs and hamburgers, and float and fish on a mossy pond. They sing with red plastic cups raised high and the American flag flying. Dogs, horses, and fireworks add joy to a perfect day that these friends spend together, and we’re left wishing we could also be hanging out with them!

It’s not just the scenes of a fun summer day that leave viewers feeling good. It’s the message in Home Free’s song—the idea that we ought to come together as Americans, in spite of disagreement and differences, to appreciate and celebrate the gift of being citizens of the United States of America. And, what a timely message that is!

Thank you, Austin, Rob, Adam, Tim, and Adam for bringing to us, and singing so beautifully, a message of American pride!

“Hatred stirs up conflict, but love covers over all wrongs.” Proverbs 10:12

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