'Cute' Dance Crew Bores Simon Until Their Unexpected Outfit Change On BGT

'Cute' Dance Crew Bores Simon Until Their Unexpected Outfit Change On BGT

Watch this ‘cute’ dance crew show off their moves and their unexpected outfit change on Britain’s Got Talent to a bored Simon Cowell.

The group auditioning in this clip is called the Qt Crew, and they are all between the ages of 6-10. These cuties came out on the stage, ready to show the judges what they got, and matched from head to toe in pink dresses and very curly hair.

At the beginning of the audition, the music starts to play, and the girls start to do sweet, yet simple, dance moves. The camera pans to Simon and it looks like he is literally about to fall asleep.

But then, everything changes. Cue the music and outfit change! The dance group is now all wearing silver outfits and doing a complicated hip-hop routine! You can see them all doing impressive jumps and flips as they dance around the stage. What a fun audition to watch!

After the dancing is over, Simon shares his thoughts. “I was actually sitting here thinking, ‘I’m losing the will to live when I heard My Boy Lollipop.’ And then, you fooled us,” he says. “You’re like mini ninjas! All of you.”

People on YouTube chimed in to talk about the surprise twist that the Qt Crew brought to the Britain’s Got Talent stage.

“I just love it when they act so cute and do the teapot dance, but then they just become divas,” one person writes after watching the video.

“They said they were cuties... but then they became awesome break dancers,” comments another person online.

The Qt Crew ended up getting 4 yeses from the judges and made it through to the next round! I’m sure these girls worked hard to make it this far and it definitely shows! Good luck to them as they continue on with their dancing dreams.

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