Toddler Isn't Impressed By Yodeling Mom

Toddler Isn't Impressed By Yodeling Mom

Parents don’t always impress their children, and such is the case with this toddler who isn’t impressed by his yodeling Mom.

What makes this situation funnier is that the mother knows she isn’t impressive, at least not to her child, but yodel she must. And yodel she does.

“So my children hate it when I yodel,” the Texas mother admits at the beginning of the video. Then immediately she proceeds to yodel, and her child must be around because we get an instant reaction to her sounds.

“Ow,” the mother says after being spanked. ‘Why are you, why are you spanking me?” she asks the child who is off-camera.

“Because,” the childish voice says simply.

“Because why?” the mom retorts.

“Because I’m spanking you so hard.” This is what the child humorously says, not even answering the question.

“For what?” the mom asks.

Get ready for the kicker. The child answers, “For alo-lo-lo-lo.” The little girl’s sound effect is hilarious!

The mother has a few more takes on camera of herself yodeling and getting a reaction from her daughter. Unsurprisingly, more spanks are given to which we can all laugh, but then something surprising occurs. After one burst of yodeling the mother inquires about her daughter’s opinion, and the child likes the sound. Say what!

“I do like that,” the toddler says in her childish tone. The mother yodels a bit more, and the response is the same. “I do like that.” How sweet!

Coupled with the humor of the video, people left witty comments about the yodeling too.

“When her kids get into trouble, instead of grounding them, they should have to listen to her yodeling,” one person said.

Another commented, “Smart kids, using reverse psychology on their mom...acting like they hate her yodeling so they can hear her singing all the time.”

“You know what would be more evil if she had her yodeling as her kid’s alarm sound,” someone suggested.

While the child’s reactions are quite funny, the mother is actually quite able to produce a very nice sound. Maybe she is doing something with her talent, maybe not, but the talent is definitely there. We can surely expect more of that to be happening in their home, and hopefully less of the spanking.

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