'I've Been Touched' Redeemed Quartet Sings Classic Hymn

'I've Been Touched' Redeemed Quartet Sings Classic Hymn

Listen to this group called Redeemed Quartet sing the classic hymn 'I've Been Touched' at a church performance.

“I was heavy-burdened down, the hand of Satan had me bound, I called on Jesus - he had compassion on me, then His love came rushing in and He took away my sin, I was changed from that old boy I used to be. Cause I've been touched by those hands that were hanging from a tree on a lonely hill that day. He put a song in my heart that keeps ringing, it was Jesus who made me this way!”

The men in Redeemed Quartet are singing in matching blue suits, and they all sound great together! What wonderful harmonies!

“A concert highlight from this past fall, featuring Ben Duncan on a classic James Easter song,” the group captions the video on YouTube. “Have you been touched by those nail-scarred hands?”

“Yes! So good. He has touched me and made me whole,” writes someone on YouTube after watching the video.

“Amen! Beautiful heartfelt singing! Keep praising our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ!” comments another person online.

Touch has always been a significant part of Jesus’ healing ministry. That included both touching others and others touching him. For example, a woman with a bleeding problem touched Jesus from behind in the hopes of being healed in Matthew 9:20-21. And the blind man at Bethsaida begged Jesus to touch him in Mark 8:22. Then there is the story of the leper that begged Jesus to cleanse him in Matthew 8:1-3 and Luke 5:12-13.

Songs like the hymn 'I've Been Touched' remind us of how important Jesus’ touch is throughout scripture, and they also help us to reflect on how Jesus has touched our lives.

We hope that this song was able to encourage you today and remind you of how wonderful it is to know and follow Jesus.

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