Dick VanDyke Angela Lansbury Star in 'Buttons The Movie' (Official Trailer)

Dick VanDyke  Angela Lansbury Star in 'Buttons The Movie' (Official Trailer)

Described as “a new musical fairy tale film” the historical fiction piece “Buttons The Movie” looks to be a stunning family-friendly film. There’s just one catch - it’s a special event release with only one showing listed, December 8. We’re heart-broken and hoping that it will pop up on one of the streaming networks very quickly!

“I never imagined in my family’s darkest moment would come a miracle”. The film trailer opens with a hint of mystery and had us hooked with the first sounds from award-winning actor, Kate Winslet. Buttons tells the tale of two orphan children whose lives turn for the better when they meet two helpful strangers (Dick Van Dyke and Angela Lansbury). The teaser offers a little hint as to who these kindly visitors are:

“Do you think I have a guardian angel?” the orphan girl asks Rose (Lansbury) “You most certainly do!”

Expect a musical walk through child-like faith in a fairy tale world. Another quote from the trailer states “Perhaps in the heavens there are greater things at work than we know,” confirms we’ll be seeing supernatural hands at work. Fans of musicals and the big screen will appreciate that the film not only features the two aforementioned acting legends, but also includes a star-studded cast including narration by veteran actors Robert Redford and Kate Winslet. A few “new to the screen” actors are introduced and this whimsical film even features a song written by Sir Paul McCartney called “Nova.”

Stick around after the feature film and be treated to a heartfelt tribute to another silver screen dancing legend, Mr. Gene Kelly. Hosted by his wife, Patricia Ward Kelly,with an insightful behind-the-scenes biography about the incredibly talented actor, dancer, choreographer and cinematic director. Expect to learn more about Kelly’s more popular movies as his wife reveals intimate details on his life and creative process.

In a world that can feel so oppressive at times, we are truly excited for this film to whisk our family away into a world of faith, hope, and mystery!