'Instant Family' Trailer for Movie About Real-Life Foster Family

'Instant Family' Trailer for Movie About Real-Life Foster Family

‘Instant Family’ tells the story of one couple’s comedic journey as they dive into the world of foster care and adoption. The film follows Pete (Mark Wahlberg) and Ellie (Rose Byrne) who have just purchased a large home to remodel. The extra space causes them to think about the family they don’t have… yet! At first, the couple hope to foster one small child but when Pete and Ellie decide to foster a teenager, they get more than they expect by choosing to foster her two younger siblings as well.

Being brand new to parenting, you can imaging the comic relief that ensues with this couple’s instant family. Trying so hard to be the vision they have of ‘perfect parents” this movie easily resonates with most parents trying to navigate “family”, whether fostering, adopting, or newly-blended families.

The director of this family comedy, Sean Anders, loosely based ‘Instant Family’ on his and his wife’s own experience with fostering and later adoption. When the director, Anders, and his wife were thinking of ways they could grow their family, they never expected the path that they would eventually walk. Of course, the family-friendly film is with a lot of light-hearted jokes in spite of the deep topic. Sometimes laughter truly is the best medicine!

“Ellie, people who take in foster kids are really special! The kind of people who volunteer when it’s not even a holiday. We don’t even volunteer ON a holiday!”

As the newly put together clan stumble to navigate what having a family truly means, they touche on some true-to-life hurdles. Challenges such as rebellious teenagers, cultural differences, insecurities and being parents to a wide age-range are all added to the story’s ingredients. “Instant Family” will surely delight viewers and will be applauded for highlighting this important opportunity for would be parents. It may also inspire some of us towards the blessing of foster care and adopting a child… or two or three!

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