Funny Comedian Shares Parenting Stories

Funny Comedian Shares Parenting Stories

There's no doubt that raising children is a difficult task. These little minds can be strong-willed and very temperamental, but it's how we deal with those situations that really matters. Comedian Michael McIntyre knows all about parenting children and that's exactly what he's talking about today.

Just listen as he hilariously discusses the basics of parenting. Sometimes, it can seem like every day is a battle over the most simple tasks such as eating vegetables or getting dressed for school. Michael has been through it all and he's here to tell the hilarious stories. I love when he talks about making compromises and the laziness that can occur.

NThese are all moments that every parent has experienced so it's so funny to hear someone else talk about them. I feel like he has been at my house witnessing these events. What kind of funny parenting moments have you experienced? I know we've all been there!

Michael McIntyre

Comedian Michael McIntyre on battling with kids just to do the basics of parenting!

Posted by Michael McIntyre on Tuesday, January 2, 2018

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