'Getting Christmas Right' - Reminder To Focus On Jesus At Christmas

'Getting Christmas Right' - Reminder To Focus On Jesus At Christmas

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The folks at Journey Box Media always find a unique way of communicating the gospel. This Christmas season they decided to tackle the topic of the real reason for the holiday, Jesus Christ.

The scene starts in a typical American home full of Christmas decorations and holiday decor. Suddenly, all of the decorations are taken down except for the baby Jesus. That's when a very convicting question is raised, "What if we were able to see Jesus in all the traditions?" As each decoration is added back to the house the voice demonstrates how they all relate to Jesus.

Christ is all around us during the Christmas season and in the hearts of people helping people and families loving each other. His point is that Christ's love is woven throughout our holiday season in the way we love one another. Sometimes, we can get too consumed with the decorations and presents that we forget about loving people altogether. This is a great reminder of the true meaning of the Christmas season. This inspirational message really hit home for me!

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