Family Of 12 Sings '12 Days Of Christmas' Parody In Silo

Family Of 12 Sings '12 Days Of Christmas' Parody In Silo

One family is bringing in the Christmas cheer in the best way with their funny performance of ‘The 12 Days Of Christmas’ in a silo.

Over the past few years, The McNeill family has become Internet sensations for their amazing silo performances. They have covered numerous hymns but one thing you might not know about this musical family is that there are 10 children.

The McNeills are no strangers to getting asked all sorts of questions about having a larger family so they decided to address them all in a hilarious parody of '12 Days Of Christmas.' Just watch as the whole family comes together in the silo to sing this funny number.

These are all questions that have been asked time and time again and it's so refreshing to hear this family's take on it all.

When you are a part of a family like this, there are always a lot of eyes on you. But The McNeill family takes it all in good stride and can even laugh at themselves. I love how they include all of the children in this performance and each one has their own special part.

From start to finish, I was laughing through this entire thing. Not only are these guys super talented but they also have an amazing sense of humor. This is definitely a rendition of ‘The 12 Days Of Christmas’ that I had not heard before.

What do you think of the McNeill family and their hilarious Christmas song parody?

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