Judge Judy Solves A Case In 20 Seconds

Judge Judy Solves A Case In 20 Seconds

Judge Judy Sheindlin has been gracing the television sets of millions of Americans for over 20 years. She has become famous for her stern "no-excuses" attitude, divisive decisions, and harsh criticism. But despite her television persona, she continues to win over the hearts of Americans year after year.

One of the reasons we love Judge Judy so much is that she is not afraid to be bold with her decisions. Take this clip from her show, for example. This case didn't even last 20 seconds before Judge Judy had made her decision.

A young woman is describing the items that were allegedly stolen from her. As she goes down the list, the defendant speaks up and tells Judge Judy that one of the items mentioned was not actually in the bag. Judge Judy is so shocked that this young man has just admitted that he knew all of the stolen items, essentially admitting his guilt. The case is over with right then.

There is definitely a reason that her television show has been on the air as long as it has been. It's because we all see apart of ourselves in Judy. Just like her, we are stern when we need to be, and loving when it counts and we'll always fight for what is right.

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