Gardiner Brothers' Jaw-Dropping Dance Routine To Usher's 'Yeah'

Gardiner Brothers’ Jaw-Dropping Dance Routine To Usher’s “Yeah”

If you liked Usher’s performance of his hit “Yeah” at the 2024 football halftime show, you will love the Gardiner Brothers’ jaw-dropping dance routine to the song. The brothers are award-winning dancers, and they are phenomenal!

While 8-time Grammy winner Usher and his friends performed for approximately 13 minutes during the 2024 half-time show in Las Vegas on February 11, the Gardiner Brothers dance video is under one minute. However, the American born Irish dancers have won over 40 major Irish dancing titles, and their short Instagram video is flawless!

Michael and Matthew Gardiner may look like twins, because they are incredibly in sync. However, they are not. Michael was born in 1995, and Matthew was born in 1999. Both were born in Denver, Colorado, to Irish parents, but they’ve been living in Galway, Ireland, since 2006.

Their routine would be tremendously difficult for a single person to accomplish well, but for a pair to master the moves and perform them with perfect uniformity and timing—that’s a feat! Michael and Matthew’s feet deliver!

From the gestures impeccably placed throughout the performance to the intentional mouthing of certain words, each action is designed to contribute to the overall routine. Their footwork hits the beats and the boards precisely each time, and their jumps are executed seemingly without effort. It’s as if they are wearing mini pogo sticks on their shoes. They reach great heights! 

In their sunglasses and letter jackets, they are physically quite similar, but their moves are identically matched. While only one brother leaps over the other at the start of the performance, the rest of the choreographed dance has the two mirror one another.    

The Gardiner Brothers perform all over the globe, with the goal of pushing “the limits of Irish dancing, showing how versatile, modern and athletic it has become” and striving for “perfection.” 

Well done, Gardiner Brothers! 

Usher has now performed at two Super Bowls; they were the 2011 and 2024 half-time shows. If he is slated for a third, one never knows. He might invite Michael and Matthew to join him for the number three!  

“Then young women will dance and be glad, young men and old as well. I will turn their mourning into gladness; I will give them comfort and joy instead of sorrow.” Jeremiah 31:13


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