The Perfect Car Horn For Southern Drivers

The Perfect Car Horn For Southern Drivers

Being raised in the South, or even visiting, is a completely different experience. There is a whole different language, accent and personality about Southerners. But there’s one area where Southerners find themselves struggling with how to act properly.

For instance, when you are driving and have pulled up behind someone at a red light. Sometimes, the person in front of you may be distracted and not notice that the light has changed to green. When you’re in the car, there’s no way to signal to the other driver that it’s time to go, unless you use the horn. The car horn has a negative perception and there’s no nice way to use it. So the person in front of you may become angry if you decide to use the horn.

The funny people at It’s A Southern Thing know all about this struggle and they came up with the best solution. Wouldn’t it be great if there were a horn made just for Southerners? Instead of a loud honk, it would say polite phrases such as “I hate to bother you but I think that light just turned green.” The Happy Honk is full of funny phrases that will have you laughing out loud in no time.

I think this is a genius idea and I love how they even made a commercial for the device. As a Southerner myself, part of me really wishes that this was real. I think it would sell out in no time. What do you think?

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