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Saving Rroma (Gypsy...) Children

This is a video of a town on Rromi (Gypsies...) living in Romania. In certain areas, the conditions were so bad, it brought tears to my eyes. But in the midst of their surroundings, I saw the Love of God still finding ways to put smiles on the children's faces...

Yet, there is still much more that needs to be done. Our goal is to build a "multi-purpose" Center that will function as a resource, supply and training facility in the hopes of gathering the youth before the drugs, gangs and prostitution steals them away - as it has done to so many in this region..

With your help, we can build hope and encouragement to a people who have a none.

What we plan to do is change their culture. And when you change a culture, you change the nation.

Would you prayerfully consider helping us in changing the world for these Rroma (Gypsy...) children!?

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