Niilo Narhi Interview -

Brother Niilo Narhi is a powerful man of God who is president of a large missionary organization. He is the leader of a media outreach organization called Keymedia. He grew up in a Christian family from Finland and has been doing amazing work for God for many years now. Brother Niilo has smuggled millions of bibles into Russia and China and is part of a large TV/ Internet outreach program to the Muslim communities.

In this interview you will learn:

- How Brother Niilo smuggled bibles to Russia from Finland before the Soviet Union collapsed.
- The amazing revival that took place in China and how 30,000 Chinese people came to the Lord because of the tremendous work spreading Bibles.
- How Brother Niilo started a live satellite channel called Al Hayat, in Arabic and in Turkish, and how it’s reaching millions of Muslims all over in North Africa, the Middle East and the Turkish Belt.
- How Brother Niilo was captured by the police and how they interrogated and threatened him.
- Heart touching testimonials of how Arabian Muslims came to the Lord, as well as how they came to hearing the Gospel of Christ.
- The biggest misunderstanding Muslims and Christians have about Jesus.

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