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Brother Rauno Jalavisto, is a huge bible smuggler who has been smuggling bibles from Finland, where he's originally from. He first started smuggling bibles into Russia and later moved to China where he's been living for about 20 years now, printing bibles underground. His organization has printed and distributed roughly 10 million bibles to date.

In this Interview you will learn:

• How God has helped Brother Rauno create a massive underground system of printing bibles in China.
• The wildest stories of how Rauno would smuggle bibles to Russia and China without being caught by the police.
• Why churches in China are so powerful and how Chinese Christians humble themselves without compromising their freedoms, finances, or government rule.
• A powerful story of a young man who was captured and tortured by the Chinese police and how God's power worked through him in the prison cell bringing hundreds of his cellmates to the Lord.
• An incredible forgiveness story of men being captured by police, then inviting the police officers to their homes for feasts.

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