25 Hill - Official Movie Trailer

The feel-good and family friendly movie of the Summer! Writer/Director Corbin Bernsen (Psych, Major League) leads an all-star cast in 25 HILL, a film that is a testament to those who find the courage to confront their pain
and the faith to stay committed to values they hold dear. 12 year-old Trey Caldwell (Nathan Gamble of Dolphin Tale) is shattered when his soldier father is killed in Afghanistan, leaving a hole in the boy’s life — and an unfinished Soap Box Derby car in the
garage. A final gift from his dad, the car is a constant reminder of all that could have been. But when friends from church introduce Trey to Roy Gibbs, a Fire Chief devastated by the loss of his firefighter son on 9/11, a new relationship forms and old wounds
finally begin to heal. As the unlikely team works to complete the Soap Box car and train for the upcoming Derby, Trey and Roy will learn that life isn’t about the starting line or checkered flag — It’s about relying on God to guide you on the journey of faith
in between.


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