The Miracle of Damascus: Part One

The Miracle of Damascus: Part One

May we all be one on Earth as Christ is One with the Father in Heaven. This begins with forgiving and loving one another.

Catholic Digital Studio has been given permission from Rick Salbato of Unity Publishing to re-produce and re-cut this documentary series about a church-approved Marian apparition and a Syrian mystic named Myrna Nazzour. She has stigmata, experiences visions of both the Blessed Mother and Jesus, and exudes Olive Oil with healing properties, from her face, hands and eyes.

The Icon of Soufanieh also exudes the same oil, which has healed and blessed a vast multitude.

Myrna is from the Byzantine Rite of the Catholic Church, specifically Melkite. A Rite represents a church tradition about how the sacraments are to be celebrated. The Catholic Church has four major Rites: Roman, Antiochean, Alexandrian and Byzantine.

The film has an Imprimatur and the messages have a Nihil Obstat (no error).

This story is very touching and is pertinent to the unity of all Christians. God wants Christians united under one flock, one visible shepherd. It's about love, prayer and forgiveness and living out the Gospel Message.

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God Bless!

Mary Ann Button