16 Awesome Franklin Graham Quotes

Franklin Graham is the son of well-known Billy Graham. When Franklin moved out of his parents’ home, he chose a life of rebellion until the age of 22. In a hotel room in Jerusalem he gave his life back to God and then went on a 6 week mission trip to Asia. During this time he felt called by God to go and help people around the world who are affected by disease, famine, war, disaster and other tragedies. Here are 16 awesome quotes from this God-fearing man.


16. “A living crusade ... the truth of the gospel.”

15. “At a time when our country is waging two wars, approval ratings for Congress are at historic lows, unemployment is at a 70-year high and financial institutions have collapsed around us, I can't imagine anyone seriously opposing a National Day of Prayer.”

14. “I'm not condemning people. God's going to do that. I just want to be honest with people. I just want to tell them the truth. ... People don't want to know what I have to say. They want to know what God has to say.”

13. “No judge can stop us from praying for our country and I pray that on May 6, millions of Americans will join me in praying for our President, all of our elected leaders, and even for this unjust judge and all those who rule from the bench - that God would guide them and give them wisdom.”

12. “We all face storms in life, whether it is a storm like Katrina, a storm in a marriage, or a storm in our finances.”

11. “I do not believe Muslims were evil because of their faith, but as a minister, I believe it is my responsibility to speak out against the terrible deeds that are committed as a result of Islamic teaching.”

10. “No matter what storm you face, you need to know that God loves you. He has not abandoned you.”

9. (Hurricane Katrina) - “I know a lot of people have asked the question: Is this God's judgment? I've no idea, and I don't think it is because good people lost homes. Churches were destroyed.”

8. “Prayer is the most powerful resource we have in this life; yet, many only turn to it as a last resort. When unbelievers pray for repentance of sin and ask for God’s forgiveness, prayer is the spiritual dynamite that obliterates the darkness and despair of a sin-soaked soul.”

7. “Jesus is gentle, but He is not weak. He loves the sinner but is absolutely intolerant of sin. He is not a negotiator. He is Lord. It is this bristling truth that invites intolerance toward Christians. Jesus did not say, "Do your own thing. . .all roads lead to God." That would have made Jesus "politically correct," but Jesus is not politically correct. He is Lord.”

6. “For those who have already experienced the grace of Almighty God through faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, prayer becomes the catalyst for fellowship with the Lord of our souls, redeemed by his blood. By tapping into the channel by which we commune with the One who calls his children “friends,” we can receive his strength in our weakness; his guidance in our steps; and his mercy when we stumble along life’s path.”

5. "Above all, this is a time for deep, intercessory prayer on behalf of our great country, which is in grave danger unless we repent of our sins and turn back to the God of our fathers."

4. "When America's leaders actively promote and legislate immorality, restrict the religious freedoms that our country was founded on, and are openly hostile to men and women of faith, then I believe we are ripe for God's judgment."

3. "When we first arrived and saw the overwhelming destruction, many people asked where you even begin to respond. It starts with helping just one person, one family at a time, and doing what we can to give people relief and a sense of hope."

2. “We must not forget that it wasn't the Jews that put him on the cross, and it wasn't the Romans. It was my sins, it was your sins, the sins of this world.”

1. “It was Christ who willingly went to the cross, and it was our sins that took him there.”


Franklin Graham is a courageous, wonderful servant of God. He is not ashamed of the Gospel and he is not scared to speak the truth either. Many people have been encouraged by this man of faith. I know I have! God bless you!

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Resources- ESV Holy Bible, www.youtube.com, Photo Credit: paulwan8 via Compfight cc

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