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'The Elements' - TobyMac Official Music Video - Christian Music Videos

It has been over 3 years since Christian artist TobyMac released an album, but there’s no doubt that ‘The Elements’ is well worth the wait. And the title track from the album is all about facing the world with the strength of God right by our side. ‘I'll fight the elements (Elements, elements, elements) I'll fight the elements (Elements, elements, elements) I got spirit, I got faith I might bend but I won't break I'll fight the elements (Elements, elements, elements)’ Even though he is a popular musician, TobyMac has still faced his fair share of struggles. For example, in 2015, he lost his father to a long battle with dementia. All of these life experiences and hardships inspired the songs on the new album and TobyMac hopes they will serve as a message of hope and light in the darkness. “It's just trying to fight these elements that are coming at us, trying to keep us from all we're trying to be. This is a really crazy world. Most of the songs are about overcoming the elements, so that's what I wanted to call the record." TobyMac shared with Billboard. This song is such a powerful reminder that with the Lord by our side, there is truly nothing we cannot face. He is our strength when we are weak and the light that will always be there to guide us home. When you listen to these lyrics, feel His love and grace wash over you and be confident in facing each and every day.