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What steps can you take to share life with people who in the past you might have avoided?

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Christians are not under the 613 Old testament laws ~ the Torah

Many Christians do not understand how to correctly divide the Old from the New Testament . It may come as a surprise to many Christians but there is a REAL DANGER of putting yourself under the Old testament Law. Many Christians just combine the Old & New Testament & think that is Christianity. No So ! This kind of belief will leave you a wide open target for many false teachings.
Few Christians realize that many of the FALSE TEACHINGS that are infiltrating the church today are coming about by simply USING OLD TESTAMENT SCRIPTURES WITHOUT intrepreting them in light of the New Covenant. Every serious born again believer needs to understand HOW TO rightly divide the Old from the New Testament . This video will teach you how to do that.

This video is packed with scripture!

Many Blessings~ Julia

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