Returning to the Cross of Christ!

In todays broadcast Apostle Eric preaches again from the first epistle of St John challenging today�s popular teachings about discernment. Apostle John, as the gatekeeper of the first century church, set the foundation of truth in the hearts of those he discipled and thus he had equipped them with truth for their discernment. . . He taught that the heart being anointed (prepared) with truth they could discern the lie because the Spirit of God works with the truth, meaning, the Spirit of God draws upon the foundation of truth set within the heart to continue to teach each believer and confirm Christ. . .What happens when apostles are not teaching doctrine to the church? Christians pick up their doctrine from the street so to speak and latch onto whatever makes sense to them at the moment. Inevitably, this private collection of truths comes into conflict for there is no equity in error. Christians beat on the doctrine they are testing, they dissect it, pulverize it, analyze it, and chew on it for a while, when what they should be doing is measuring it against Christ. And when they are totally frustrated they cry out to God for clarity and the gift of discernment. . . Apostle Eric invites the church to transition back to the cross of Christ, back to Apostolic Governance, back to the foundation of truth for discernment. The Lord is sure to answer many of your questions. As you seek Him He will lead you back to the narrow road of His

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