Today's Devotional

Cleansing the Gum Wall
What does the blood of Jesus do for those who place their trust in Him?

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Live to Forgive Could you forgive the man who murdered your mother? After Dean Smith's stepfather, Bob, beats his wife to death with a baseball bat, Dean spends years plotting a bitter revenge, but when the Seattle man's inner turmoil
becomes too much to bear, Dean turns to God for help with overcoming his suppressed anger. After building his faith and his relationship with Jesus, Dean becomes a preacher, and with God's guidance, he finds forgiveness and even love for his stepfather. Culminating
with Dean's first meeting with his father in 23 years and Bob's confession, this true story traces Dean's extraordinary journey through years of hatred and drug abuse to make peace with his feelings about his stepfather. A powerful documentary about faith
and redemption, Live to Forgive gives viewers the courage to free themselves of their own burdens and the inspiration to put aside the past.

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