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Crossing Cultural Divides
How can you cross cultural divides and engage with the strangers next door?

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Angel's Wings Trailer IMDb 2011

Martha Hale (Paulette Triplett) has a big problem. Her beautiful daughter, Angel (Angel Vickers) is still not married and time is ticking away. It seems that all Angel cares about is taking care of the elderly at that nursing home where she works as an
occupational therapist. All of her plans to get Angel on the right track has been a failure, including her last effort to get her out for a girls’ night out with her friend Renee (Diane Mitchell)....until she thinks of orchestrating a reunion between her old
boyfriend, the newly single, handsome attorney, Alex Bailey (Starzee Walker). Now, Martha has a partner in her freshly devised scheme--Alex's mother, Mrs. Bailey (Detra Bickerstaff)--but their best-laid plans take a sharp detour for everyone involved unexpectedly!
It's just a matter of time for both Martha and Angel to gain new perspective about life, love and the true meaning of it all! Angel's Wings is a light-hearted and warm story that will make you laugh, feel many of the

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