2 Pastor Arceneaux/ Faith Apostolic Church/ Holden, La. 7074

.My name is Brandy Williams and I'm from Baton Rouge, LA. I came to church doubting that God still heals. Actually, I believed that He healed not because you asked Him to, but because that was His plan. But I sat in church on that bench and I didn't want to go forward. As much as I wanted God to heal my mind and heal my pain, I felt that if it wasn't my time for Him to do it, it didn't matter how much I wanted it. I got up anyway and I stood there and before Bro. Ashcraft layed hands on me I knew exactly what he was going to say. I knew that he was going to talk about my guilt and pain from my past. That guilt and pain was from when I was in Iraq. My heart felt like it was on fire before he even touched me. When I was in Iraq I saw some horrible, horrible thngs and I did some horrible things after I got back because of the awful guilt that I carried. But God touched me when the minister prayed for me and I really felt that guilt being lifted away. I feel so much better!!! I thank God for healing and delivering me with all of my heart!!!

Pastor Arceneaux/ Faith Apostolic Church/ Holden, La. 70744 would love for you to come and be in service with them. God bless all!

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