Revival in Kansas City

Can Lightning Strike Twice? World Revival Church Experiences Upsurge of God's Glory

The lightnings of God have struck Steve and Kathy Gray again! They led the world renowned Smithton Outpouring which began in 1996 in a town of 532 and relocated to Kansas City. Over 250,000 walked through the doors in the middle of nowhere to experience the fire and presence of God! But could this "lightning" strike again, creating yet another life-changing event so powerful that it would cause Gray and his congregation to become a sign and wonder again?

If May 2, 2008 is any indication, it appears the answer is yes. On May 2, during that Friday service, an upsurge of the Glory of God suddenly filled the sanctuary as Gray skillfully coached his congregation into the thick, presence and Glory of God that followed. "There has been a sudden, fresh wind since May 2 and it increases in strength each weekend! It's power, it's fire, it's healing, it's glory, it's war for the captives, it's life surrounding and filling us over and is revelation of the Word of God, it's prophecy and words of is all happening!"

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