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Taking on Too Much
What are you trying to take on that only God can do

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Jerusalem, the Covenant City

Jerusalem, the Covenant City explores the past, present and future destiny of Jerusalem in the light of recorded history, the prophetic Scriptures and current events.

Jerusalem is the only city in the world to have its history written in advance. It is the only city in the world that the Creator of the Universe has declared to be His dwelling place forever. And it is the only city in the world with an eternal destiny. Today the world is obsessed with the status of Jerusalem, just as Zechariah prophesied it would be. This is one of many signs that the end of the age and that the return of the Messiah - the Alpha and the Omega - is at hand. Through His ancient prophets and the current mounting conflict in the Middle East - particularly over Jerusalem - the God of Israel is speaking to the Jewish people, to the nations of the world, and to the Church. But who is listening?

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