Blessing, Curse or Co-incidence? Volume 1 - Israel, the Womb of the Kingdom of God on Earth

Volume I - "Israel - The Womb of the Kingdom of God on Earth" is the first documentary in the "Blessing, Curse or Coincidence?" trilogy. It is about God's decision to save the world, and Man's attempts to oppose it. Central to the execution of God's purpose to redeem mankind is the nation of Israel.

We see how God deals with those who oppose His purposes. This is what the Lord's promise to Abraham "I will bless those who bless you, and curse those who curse you" is all about (Genesis 12:3). The whole trilogy is presented by Lance Lambert and this first documentary is packed with foundational Biblical teaching on God's covenant purposes and features interviews with Malcolm Hedding, Dr Jack Hayford, Chuck Cohen, Michael Cohen, Professor James K. Hoffmeier (Wheaton College,) Dr. Shaul Sapir, Ofer Amitai, George Markakis and Dr. Noah Hacham.
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