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Have you received the freedom God has provided through the blood of His Son?

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By the time you finish reading "Sistas Do You Know What to Look for When Choosing Your Man?" You will be better prepared to avoid a lot of mistakes so many other women make daily. When looking for a man some women have things all twisted. So many women out there want so desperately to be love by a man, but end up with a little boy in a man's body. Just because he has a job don't mean he's a man. It simply means he's employed! Please join me as I journey into some important issues women should explore when choosing a man [with biblical scriptures to follow]. Be careful you can’'t wear your emotions on your sleeve as you journey with me I touch a lot of topics that are sensitive and needed. This EBook is ready for download along with "Marital Warfare." Marital Warfare deal with issues some women face every day. As women we have deep rooted issues of our own that need to be dealt with. For more information contact

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