Israel demands nuclear ultimatum for Iran (Second Coming Watch Update #194) - Ministry Videos

Uzbekistan is confiscating Bibles. According to EurasiaNet, authorities in Uzbekistan are searching private homes for what they consider incendiary material -- Bibles. A believer in Navoi was fined for storing Bibles and other Christian books in his home. Officially, there are 159 Christian organizations registered in Uzbekistan, but Christian religious leaders regularly report that their places of worship are raided and religious materials confiscated.

A former Israeli general says an attack on Iran will cause a regional war. According to Israel National News, former IDF Operations Commander Yis-ra-el Ziv warned that a strike on Iran could trigger an overt war that would involve the entire region. In an interview on Army Radio, he expressed concern about the security of the government and the possibility that innocent Israeli and Iranian lives could be lost if a missile war were to ensue..." />


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