Make A Certain Breakthrough (In-Deep Worship I, 20 Jun 08)

Make A Certain Breakthrough, written by Ann Chan and Ruth Ling, Covenant Evangelical Free Church, Singapore, led by Phyline Yeo (Christ Methodist Church worship team) at In-Deep Worship I on Fri 20 Jun 08 at Christ Methodist Church.

Make A Certain Breakthrough

Copyright Ann Chan and Ruth Ling 2006

Verse 1: In my life of searching, For the plain and simple way, Many paths were so winding, The roads were never straight, Then the Spirit of God broke through and healed my broken wings, And showed me the way into His heart

Chorus: And I know that God is leading in a clear and certain way, My one life for your purpose, Jesus, I offer up this day, To follow you completely, to do all that you say, Cleanse my life, fill me up, And use me this day, Make a certain breakthrough, Make it today

Verse 2: In these days of danger, Lord, we rest upon Your grace, With Your tender and skillful hands, You shape this stubborn clay, Yes You calm my inmost being, giving courage to hope again, And to build this one life in power and faith

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