'Vivo' Trailer For Netflix Animated Movie Starring Lin-Manuel Miranda

'Vivo' Trailer For Netflix Animated Movie Starring Lin-Manuel Miranda

Watch the ‘Vivo’ trailer for Netflix animated movie starring Lin-Manuel Miranda and get excited about the movie’s release!

Lin-Manuel Miranda has managed to create another musical masterpiece that will definitely pull on our heartstrings. But it wasn’t easy for his ‘Vivo” film to get here.

Just in case you don’t know of his qualifications, Lin-Manuel Miranda created AND starred in ‘In the Heights’ and ‘Hamilton,’ both hit Broadway musicals. ‘In the Heights’ was recently turned into a musical movie, set to release over the summer.

Not enough? Lin-Manuel is a Pulitzer Prize, Grammy, Emmy, and Tony award-winning gift of a man. He composes music, dances, sings, and acts. He’s ready to be Vivo!

Lin-Manuel actually pitched the story to DreamWorks over 10 years ago, but they dropped the film a few years later because of vague restructuring issues. Obviously, the film was immediately picked up by another studio. Sony Pictures grabbed the film at the end of 2016.

The movie spent years in the pre-production process, but one thing was for certain; Lin-Manuel would write original music for the story. After a bunch of release date changes, many of which were a result of Covid-19 restrictions, Sony sold the film rights to Netflix.

The current plan is for Vivo to be digitally released on Netflix sometime within 2021. All I know is that I can’t wait!

This short teaser trailer introduces the musically talented monkey, Vivo, voiced by Lin-Manuel Miranda and his owner. There’s not really a peek into the storyline, but from the looks of the animation and the sound of the music, this movie is going to be fun and lovable.

The online summary mentions that Vivo performs almost every day in a lively Havana square with his owner, Andres.

Even though there’s not much information out there about ‘Vivo,’ the lively teaser has me on the edge of my seat waiting for the official release date.

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