Piano Singer On Romania's Got Talent Earns Golden Buzzer With Moving Audition

Piano Singer On Romania's Got Talent Earns Golden Buzzer With Moving Audition

Watch the life-changing moment as this piano singer on ‘Romania’s Got Talent’ earns golden buzzer with moving audition.

Elena Gatcin auditioned for the 2021 season of ‘Romania’s Got Talent’ with a beautiful song. I don’t know the song and can’t understand the lyrics, but her performance was absolutely breathtaking.

Elena began with a short piano introduction, and the audience could already tell she was about to wow the judges. Her voice came in so softly and controlled. I’ve never heard a more impressive start to a singing audition!

The depth of emotion she expressed while playing the piano so flawlessly had me in tears in the middle of the video. You can tell how the judges were captivated by her talent because when the camera cuts to their faces, they were staring at her in awe. You can actually hear them expressing how impressed they are.

The range of her voice is amazing. It’s as if she was put on this earth to share her talent with the world. If you pay attention to the parts where she sings loudly and then backs off to the point where it sounds like a beautiful whisper, you can tell how advanced she is.

The choice to finish the song so softly showed her confidence in herself. She knew she didn’t need some high, loud note to leave the judges with their jaws on the floor.

As she received feedback from the judges, Elenaclearly humble. One judge decided to hit the golden buzzer out of nowhere, and Elena seemed completely shocked as if this was never a possibility.

The gold confetti fell around her as she stood on the stage with the most confused look on her face. Eventually, the reality of her situation hits her, and she’s able to thank the judges.

We are rooting for you, Elena!

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