Senior Couple On Dance Floor Pull Off Flawless Routine

Senior Couple On Dance Floor Pull Off Flawless Routine

This dancing duo are absolutely amazing together! We could only hope to move with half the smoothness of this stunning dance couple. Jackie McGee and Charlie Womble are so light on their feet and make this dance look truly effortless. The pair have been dancing together since 1981 and have danced the night away in over 300 competitions. Legends in their field, Jackie and Charlie don’t need to prove why they hold numerous titles – but they nail it every time. There is something special about the way they anticipate the other’s moves. Their dedication and connection while dancing truly shows, but what we love the most is their obvious joy in dancing together.

Dancing the Shag to “Be Myself Again” by Eric Benet, the pair didn’t disappoint with their smooth moves. If you’re from the South especially, you know the importance of the Carolina Shag! With it’s smooth, quick steps couples seem to glide across the dance floor. The balance between the lead and follow as they glide and spin while mirroring each other is amazing. It’s a truly captivating dance to watch!

The crowd at this dance competition knows when they see great dancing. Jackie and Charlie have earned the respect as a “Who’s Who” of Shag. Their fellow dancers were quick to encourage the powerful team: “Boy, you look good!” And do they! Aftering seeing their smooth moves, there is no doubt that age is truly just a number!

We could watch Jackie and Charlie all day long – our video dance card will be full soon!

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