Sheep Takes Baby Jesus During Christmas Play

Sheep Takes Baby Jesus During Christmas Play

2-year-old Teegan Benson was cast as a sheep in her church's Christmas play, but this little star had other plans in mind.

Just watch this funny moment when everyone is gathered around the Nativity and sweet Teegan decides that the baby Jesus should be front and center. She reaches into the manger and grabs the doll. But Mary wasn't going to let Jesus go down without a fight.

The hilariousness that ensues after this had me rolling in laughter. Mary finally wrestles baby Jesus back but Teegan is one determined sheep and she picks up the doll again. At this point, the entire church is giggling and it's obvious that this Christmas play is going to be one for the books.

I just love how Teegan starts to rock the baby doll and dance around stage. She's definitely taking care of Jesus, in her own, unique way. Who else is laughing at this special Nativity?

Mary, sheep vie for baby Jesus

This children's nativity took an unexpected turn when a sheep ran off with the baby Jesus. But Mary was not about to let either child go without a fight! 🤣👶🎄⛪ STORY:

Posted by FOX 13 News - Tampa Bay on Wednesday, December 13, 2017