Jeanne Robertson Pulls Christmas Prank On Left Brain

Christian comedian Jeanne Robertson is one funny lady. She never fails to bring the laughs with her Southern humor and the hilarious situations her and her husband, Left Brain, get into.

Today, Jeanne is recalling one Christmas when she tried to scare Left Brain at night. After one failed attempt, Left Brain told all of his friends and Jeanne thought she'd never hear the end of it. That's when she came up with brilliant plan to really give Left Brain a fright with an animatronic Santa Claus.

This particular Santa was motion activated and would say 'Ho, ho, ho. Merry Christmas' when anyone walked by. Jeanne thought this was the perfect item to place in their bathroom when all the lights were cut off. That way, when Left Brain got up in the middle of the night, he would be met with a really big surprise.

Jeanne definitely put a lot of time and thought into this prank and I couldn't help but laugh through the entire story. Even though Left Brain claims he wasn't scared, I highly doubt that was the case. What do you think of Jeanne's Christmas surprise?

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