Jeanne Robertson


Jeanne Robertson On A Hilarious Incident With 2 Of Her Fans - Comedy Videos

I seriously cannot get enough of Jeanne Robertson and her unique sense of humor. Every time that she comes onto the stage, I find myself laughing out loud within seconds. I have no idea where she comes up with some of these things but I sure am glad that she shares all of her hilarious stories with the world. Today, she is back with another funny story and it involves Left Brain and some of her fans. If you don’t know, Left Brain is what Jeanne calls her husband because she is convinced he only thinks with that one side of the brain. Two of Jeanne’s fans drove all the way from Nashville for one of her shows. Before a show, Jeanne likes to go out to the lobby and talk to her fans. These two women were in the lobby and they were so excited to meet Jeanne and everyone else she talks about in her routines such as Norma Jean and her assistant, Tony. They even got to meet Left Brain and that’s where the hilarity really started. After chatting with them for a bit, Left Brain ended up inviting the two fans over to their house after the show. When Jeanne heard this whole story, she knew it was going to be one for the books. And little did she know that it was just getting started. You don’t want to miss Left Brain up to his usual antics again. Who else is laughing out loud at this one? I know I sure am.